Who are we and wtf do we do?

Why choose Seeking Clarity?

This is an internal retreat for your mind, body & soul We are not your typical Wellness Retreat. Seeking Clarity not only helps you understand yourself better, but gives you the practices in order to create the best life possible for yourself. You will have to dig deep. Seeking Clarity is there to guide you through the steps in order for you to achieve that.

What does the process entail?

The process is a unique, multi-faceted approach using proven methods, to enhance your life and help you achieve your goals. You will go on a journey of self-discovery. Your guide will help you every step of the way. You will be given exercises, tasks, methods, meditations, questions and much more. This virtual retreat will take you on a mental journey without having to leave your home. However, feel free to take your own trip with your own space when taking part in this process. We understand that it can sometimes feel good to break away from your daily life in order for some to really commit to the experience.

Your retreat will include:

- Meditation
- Reiki
- Mentoring
- Gong Baths
- Connecting
- Socializing
- Writing
- Reflecting
- Visualization
- Abundance exercises
- Laughing
- Chakra Cleansing
- Releasing emotionally
- Letting go
- Yoga
- Exercising
- Memory work
- Customized Teachings
- And more

Why is this Virtual?

Experiencing a virtual retreat offers many advantages: 

You can experience our retreat from anywhere - the comfort of your own home or a destination of your own choosing. You don't have to go elsewhere to find what is already within you.

It also means that it won't be as big a shift for you to implement the tools as it usually would be when you leave an intensive environment of a normal retreat that doesn't cater to real life.

It is important that we integrate these methods as much as possible into our life, but what is most important is that we clear the way for us to see our true essence of beauty and power, so we can have true clarity in our lives.

Even though this is a week of intensive soul searching, your journey will continue thereafter and you will have what you need in order to continue growing and achieving all you want and all you can be.


This will be a week long intensive project that will last on average between 5 - 7 hours a day. 

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Our Founder

Louise Monger, our Founder has not only found her own clarity by following this exact method, but she has many credits and experiences that have proven to increase her well-being and knowledge of what she wants, and how to get there.

She has studied many avenues of wellness and holds certification for:

- Life coach
- The Science of Well-Being at Yale University
- Infinite Possibilities
- The Second City Improvisation Program

Louise is also a trained speaker & TV host. She delivered a talk on how "We are talking ourselves OUT of Happiness" for Speakers Who Dare.


The Science of Well-Being Certification

Yale University

Life Coach Certification

Expert Rating

Infinite Possibilities Certification

Mike Dooley TUT

All Levels Improvisation Certification

The Second City

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